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  • Kids in Motion Boxing Fitness

    Kids in Motion Boxing Fitness

    Our kids in motion boxing fitness classes are taught in an informal fun way teaching some of the foundational movements, skills and disciplines that the knowable art is famed for. We mix traditional boxing with our own style of functional fun based exercise and drills in a non-contact way to develop better health, balance, fitness and co-ordination not to mention it’s a great way to burn some energy and release some stress.

    We also aim to teach kids transferable teaching and learning skills that can help them grow not just in health and fitness but also in life.

    These classes are completely FREE but as with all our classes there is limited space. Please get in touch to find out more about these classes.
  • KA Martial Arts

    KA Martial Arts

    KA Martial Arts is a self defence and life skills class for 5-15 year olds.

    The classes are suitable for all abilities and focus on developing awareness, confidence, fitness, motor skills, increased concentration and discipline. The syllabus includes confrontation management and anti-bullying strategy as well as simple but effective strikes and self defence.

    This skill set is specially designed with children in mind so that it is fun, safe and effective. The class was established over 8 years ago and some of the original students still regularly attend.

    Instructors are certified and CRB checked.