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    Art of Functional Movement (AFM) is a method of training spanning across the UK and Europe which is designed with health in mind. We use a range of unconventional tools from across the globe which may seem unfamiliar to some but to us are like second nature. Each with its own unique use and place in a functional training regime.

    Each session contains full body movements training and in many cases re-educating the body on how to move both efficiently and effectively. To program our training we spilt our session focus not in to body parts but in to qualities known as elements. Each element is a way of training the quality in hand. Earth element is designed to improve strength, Air to improve complex movement skills, Fire to improve fitness and Water to improve mobility and flexibility. Each element is trained for one week meaning that no matter how often you train with us you are in the best possible place to bring your body back to balance.
  • Earth


    During Earth sessions our aim is to increase strength, to do this we use simple movements such as squats and presses for relatively long rounds 45-90s. This gives us the ability to train strong, heavy movements in a group session whilst ensuring every person involved can work to the best of their ability whilst maintaining correct technique throughout.
  • Fire


    During Fire sessions we are working on total body conditioning. To do this we use a high intensity interval training (HIIT) method with high work to rest ratios pushing our cardio to the max. To get the most out of this session we use light weights and simple exercises to enable us to push our heart rates high without risking the possibility of losing technique and injury.
  • Air


    During Air sessions our aim is to improve complex movement skills, there are many descriptions for this however the simple idea of this is to train our muscles in wide ranges of movement. This improves mobility, stability and co-ordination as well as memory and brain function. During these sessions we use relatively light weights with long working periods to make sure we can get the most out of the complex technique we are training.
  • Water


    During Water sessions we aim to recover the body from the stresses of training and day to day life. To do this we use a method of recovery training known as Iflows. Iflows is a mixture of all things movement from gymnastics and martial arts to yoga and Pilates. We use a combination of movements and stretches in a flow to improve flexibility, mobility and cognitive function.