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About Us

About Us

Art of Motion is a health based community training facility designed to help restore balance to your health. We offer services ranging from 1-2-1 personal training and group training to nutrition, fitness boxing and self-defence classes, including kids and women's only classes.

We also host workshops, seminars and courses with the aim of educating people on fitness and self-defence. These are suitable for anyone whether a complete beginner to health and fitness looking for a foundation of knowledge or an experienced fitness professional looking to expand your services. These can be taught on a 1-2-1/small group bases or you can attend one of our pre planned group workshops (see events).

At Art of Motion we understand that it is hard to restore balance to your fitness regime and life and we aim to help you do this through both our planned and programmed sessions along with our experienced and supportive coaches.To get the most out of our sessions we use the best methods and tools that have stood the test of time from around the world.

We work by the principle that there is no perfect tool, only the perfect tool for the job in hand. With this in mind we use a wide range of functional training methods including: calisthenics, kettlebells, clubbells, maces, Bulgarian bags, sandbags and suspension trainers as well as many others. We use these tools in many ways depending on the qualities we are training in the session whether it be strength, cardio, skill or anything else (To find out more about our classes please see the timetable).

All of our classes are designed in a fun way with you in mind and with a distinct lack of education in the current fitness industry we aim to change that. Every one of our sessions are pre planned and programmed with allocated time to learn all the techniques in hand meaning that not only will you improve physically but you will also be mentally stimulated.

We also finish each session with a short specific yoga based flow ensuring that we aid in our recovery from the session and improve issues such as poor mobility, flexibility and posture. No matter where you are in life and what your goal is we are sure we can help you reach it so if you have any questions about our services or the help we offer please get in touch.