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Welcome to Art of Motion

Art of Motion is made up from a group of personal fitness coaches that spearhead a health based community training facility, designed to help restore balance to your health.


Earth sessions our aim is to increase strength, to do this we use simple movements such as squats and presses for relatively long rounds 45-90s.

Monday - Friday
9:00am and 3:30pm
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Fire sessions work on total body conditioning. Using a high intensity interval training (HIIT) method with high work to rest ratios pushing our cardio to the max.

Monday - Wednesday
11:00am and 4:30pm
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Air sessions aim to improve complex movement skills. There are many descriptions for this however the simple idea is to train our muscles in wide ranges of movement.

Monday - Friday
9:00am and 3:30pm
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Water sessions aim to recover the body from the stresses of training and day to day life. To do this we use a simple method of recovery training known as Iflows.

Monday - Saturday
By Appointment
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Your Key To Success

Art of motion is a health based community training facility designed to help restore balance to your health. We offer services ranging from 1-2-1 personal training and group training to nutrition, fitness boxing and self-defence classes, including kids and women's only classes.

We also host workshops, seminars and courses with the aim of educating people on fitness and self-defence. These are suitable for anyone whether a complete beginner to health and fitness looking for a foundation of knowledge or an experienced fitness professional looking to expand your services. These can be taught on a 1-2-1/small group bases or you can attend one of our pre planned group workshops.

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    Meet With One Of Our Coaches At Art of Motion all of our coaches are waiting to meet you and discuss your personal goals. Using their experience and knowledge, your coach they will advise which classes will suit you personally.

  • 2
    Develop An Exercise And Nutrional Program You assigned coach will provide you with a nutritional program for you to follow to gain maximum results, working hand-in-hand with your given class/es.

  • 3
    Review Your Workout Program Your personal fitness coach will provide you with a 1-to-1 review on diet and class performance, giving advice and further experienced analysis.
Meet Your Coach

Stuart MacDonald

When it comes to personal training I have two big passions, they are not fat loss and muscles gaining like most trainers would state. It is educating people and restoring them back to good health, these I believe are the key factors that can make the biggest difference in both your training and your life.

Aerobics 85%


Strength 70%


Boxing 95%

Meet Your Coach

Natasha O'Coy

I have had so much experience in the fitness industry, such as studio manager, member service manager and health and fitness manager. Teaching group exercise is my passion and making people feel good about themselves is what I love. I train clients with different styles, such as freestyle to traditional.

Aerobics 70%


Strength 95%


Boxing 65%

Meet Your Coach

Daniel Watson

My key focus to physical training is making sessions functional - Meaning, we train movements rather than muscles. By focussing on this, we teach the body to work as one (the way it is designed to work). I find, when pairing functional training with educated nutritional choices, people progress and develop in all aspects of their lives.

Aerobics 70%


Strength 95%


Boxing 65%

Meet Your Coach

Andrew Smart

Andrew started training in martial arts in 1998 and has been teaching since 2006. His holistic approach to training in martial arts also include the practice of gymnastics, calisthenics, yoga, meditation and mindfulness. Andrew believes martial arts to be a life skill, which compliments yoga perfectly to enhance strength, flexibility and well-being.

Aerobics 70%


Strength 95%


Boxing 65%

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